My accessories…
  • A pouch for every possible use and a bag in another bag  or  baby soft shoes  are my favorites !
  • They allow great play with prints as most are lined , or quilted with another print , in contrast or not, depending on my mood ... with a little stripe as a piping and a border or not ... with  sterling silver button and  label .
  • Most accessories are prepared in tiny series ( less than a  dozen )  or even one of the kind !
  • True exclusive and useful treasures ...
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  1. The artisan’s world has always been a faceless one—a world without copy-rights”, as Brigitte Singh once told an interviewer. It is this world she entered thirty years ago
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  2. It takes great skill to create fluid dynamic designs with a wooden block. Usually the number of colors needed coincides with the number of blocks required for a design.
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