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A choice of fine KHADI.

I will start my note with quoting a man completely devoted to Khadi,

Mr Bireswar Biswas : ” Khadi is more sensitive than other fabrics, because it is handspun and handwoven .It is an inspiration and a meaningful textile .It is sensual and this sensuality is a gift to the world … ”.

I bought from Mr Biswas divine looking stoles that I chose to print sparingly in order not to hide the exquisite beauty of the weave . To print regularly on Khadi would have been a dream but I could not imagine wasting any of it with some misprint … the cost being too high as well once added to my printing .

So , I just printed my pretty stoles .
But one day , I could not resist getting some fabric to offer my clients a small collection of whites … and I discovered then the magic 500 count … so fine I decided to stitch it for babies only ! It is woven in the moist of dawn and dusk so that the yarn doesn’t break . In ancient Rome , it was called ‘venti’ or ‘nebula’ as light as a moth wing . I requested Mr Biswas to get square scarves woven in this amazing fine 500 count .

I stitched the rest, very fine too, for us , ladies … For you, to enjoy and cherish , a treasure from India .

14 Item(s)